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Sydney Wide Balustrade

Is an Australian owned family run business with over 20 years experience. We provide balustrade solutions for both internal and external environments using the latest glass, stainless steel, wrought iron products.


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Handrails Sydney

At Sydney Wide Balustrade we fabricate and install custom made handrail safety solutions in places such as:

  • Stairs

  • Walkways

  • Balconies

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Showrooms


We have various handrail designs and can be made using stainless steel, wrought iron or aluminium and come in different shapes and sizes. Our modern handrail designs include timber tops for a more comfortable and elegant look.


Handrails across Sydney are designed to be grasped by the user to provide stability or support while ascending or descending various environments. Handrails in Sydney can also be found supporting users in slippery environments such as bathrooms. Handrails play an architectural role, by enhancing the aesthetic appearance.


In Sydney, our clients prefer our handrails to be either supported by posts or mounted directly onto the adjacent wall. With over 20 year’s experience, our friendly Sydney handrail team can help you design a handrail solution to meet your needs.


You can find more pictures of handrails Sydney at our gallery page.


Why use us for your Sydney handrail project:


  • Free quote for handrails Sydney area.

  • Best prices

  • Friendly and professional team

  • Sydney handrail regulatory compliant


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Glass Balustrade

At Sydney Wide Balustrade, we have helped various clients encapsulate an undisturbed and epic view using frameless and semi frameless glass balustrade solutions. Frameless glass balustrade is a must have in Sydney for those with water or city views. Glass balustrade also works well for internal stair cases as it provides a more modern finish.


Benefits of Glass Balustrade in Sydney:

  • Frameless glass balustrades allows for unhindered views.

  • Glass balustrade allows for natural flow of sunlight.

  • Frameless glass balustrade provides the effect of making a room look larger and open.

  • Toughened glass meeting Australian safety standards.

  • Call for a free quote by our leading Sydney glass balustrade team.


Our team of glass balustrade installers have over 20 years experience. We can help you decide on the most effective glass and fittings to extract the most out of natural light, privacy and style.


Glass balustrade in Sydney homes can be found along walkways, staircases, balconies and swimming pools. Both frameless glass balustrade and semi glass balustrade can be used to enhance the look of your home in terms of modernity and style.


No modern Sydney office or workplace is complete without the statement made by frameless glass balustrade or semi frameless glass balustrade. We have over 20 years experience bringing style to Sydney offices with our expertly designed and installed glass balustrade solutions.


You can find more pictures of Glass Balustrade Sydney at our gallery page.

Privacy Screens Sydney

Privacy screens in Sydney act as a barrier between a dwelling and the outside environment, providing effective privacy, shade and wind protection.


Privacy screens in Sydney can also be used to act as a balustrade. In apartments, privacy screens can be used outdoors to hide air-conditioners, gas and water systems.


Benefits of Privacy screens in Sydney:


  • Privacy screens allows privacy particularly in apartments

  • Privacy screens provide shade from the Sydney sun.

  • Privacy screens block the wind

  • Privacy screens can be used as balustrade which meets Sydney regulations.

  • Privacy screens can hide hot water systems, air-conditioners and gas metres.


Privacy screens can be found outdoors on balconies and windows. Our expert team can help you decide on the most effective design and material to achieve your goals.


Why use us for your Sydney privacy screen project:


  • Free quote for privacy screens in Sydney area.

  • Best prices

  • Friendly and professional team

  • Sydney regulatory compliant

  • Many colours and designs to choose from.


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You can find more pictures of privacy screens sydney at our gallery page.

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